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23 May 2007 @ 04:31 pm
My Application is the Best(est)!  
The Basics

Name: Carrie

Age range (13-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25+): 20-24

Favorite character:

Least favorite character:

Favorite Non-Harry Potter related fandom: Battlestar Galactica! Sorry, I get a bit excited about it... ;)

What is your pet peeve?:

Poor grammar. I spent two years as a TA (and will do more), and the absolute worst part about it was grading the papers of people who don't know how to write. At all. Poor grammar makes ideas incomprehensible, no matter how good they (the ideas) are. I also had some rather, er, retentive friends in high school, and we managed to stop ending our sentences with prepositions, even when speaking. That's a bit much, but I do try to accomplish that when I can. Grammar rules!

The Deeper Stuff

Five years from now you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. It can be cured by a single pill that costs $5,000 dollars and is not covered by insurance. How would you go about getting the medication?

In the words of Owen from Dodgeball: "Car wash!" No, not really. Maybe a bake sale... Kidding. In all seriousness, I would cash in my CD. There is something to be said for financial security, which is why I have the blasted thing; if it would save my life, I would take living a bit longer over having a fund to use when I'm dead. Cash it in, give up security, and get a job to recoup for the next time.

Your house is burning down - all people and pets are out safely. You are able to save one item. What is it and why?

My computer. I have a lot of personal time and effort saved on the hard drive - everything from my MA thesis to a massive music collection (not to mention a bunch of BSG from iTunes...). I have backups of everything, but they're, uh, inside the house as well. Movies and books and clothes are replaceable, my hard drive is absolutely not.

You find a wallet in a parking lot. It has $1,000 dollars cash in it and a driver's license. You look at the license and realize it belongs to a co-worker you speak to on a daily basis. What do you do?

Give it back. With $1,000 cash, there may well be a nice reward for it. :) I could do a lot of damage with a grand, though...

You've been given $100,000 dollars. If you can use it all within one hour you will be given one million dollars. What do you do?

I'd get a fairly nice car and donate the rest to a couple charities. There's something to be said for the tax write-off, after all. Since I don't have a car, it would be a nice acquisition, especially since I could just take it cross-country with me. The ensuing million could maybe pay for the gas required to do that.

You see a famous person in the lobby of a busy movie theater and no one else has noticed him/her. What do you do?

Ignore him/her. I have no idea what it's like to be famous, but I imagine it's something that necessitates escape. I also wouldn't want to start the rush of people going "OMGSQUEE!" - because I'd probably be caught in the middle. That would not be cool.

You come upon a wishing well and toss a coin in to make a wish. Your wish is granted. What did you wish for?

The resources to never work because I have to do so. If I could work only because I like what I do, that would be the best thing for which I could ever hope. I'd have a place to live, money to buy groceries, transportation - and a job I love.

You're 70 years old and writing your autobiography. What is the title and why would people read it?

I'd call it Oh, F%$#. With a title like that, how could anyone stay away from it? I'd focus it on my trials and tribulations, and especially on how I dug myself out of holes when I so often fell into them.

You have been gifted with the chance to actually perform a magical spell. In front of you stands your greatest love, your worst enemy, and a pile of inanimate objects ready to be used in your spell. Which spell do you allow yourself to use and why have you chosen that spell?

Waddiwasi, and I'd hope fervently that the objects aren't too big to go up their noses. I would choose that spell for the amusement factor. I wouldn't use magic to influence either person's behavior, nor to alter their existence - or appearance, for that matter. It's too much like cheating. Besides, life's always more entertaining when your worst enemy's around. It gives you something to do. :)

You find a magic lamp, rub it, and out pops a Genie. You are given the chance to relive and change one experience in your past. What do you change (if any) and why?

I forget the date, but it was April something of 2001. I wouldn't convince that guy to go to Senior Ball with me and we would have stayed friends. That would have made the next three years SO much easier, not having to worry about not talking to my best friend.

Yes/No Questions
Mark each word with a yes or a no as it applies to you. Feel free to explain each answer (not mandatory)

Logical: Most of the time, yes. Le coeur a ses raisons, and all that.

Emotional: Nope. Not I. At least not in public.

Intelligent: Yes. Would anyone say "no" to this?

Fair: Yes? I think so? I would always even divide the last of the dessert between me and my sister when we were kids. Does that count?

Witty: Yes! Me = funny and clever!

Creative: No. I draw stick figures, and poorly at that.

Cunning: Not particularly.

Ambitious: Yeah, I'll take this one. I've got specific goals, and I intend to reach them.

Brave: Yes, most of the time. Except when I wake up from a dream where Rodney McKay went all Sylar on me and tried to eat my brain, but I shut myself in a closet. In that case, I just want to curl up and hide.

Loyal: Yes, to a certain extent. It depends on how much I like you.

Honest: About the important things, yes. If you're expecting an honest answer to "do you like my shirt?" - forget it.

Trustworthy: Yes. I know when to keep my mouth shut.

Impulsive: Sure.

Mean: Yes, but in actions, not in spirit. I don't intend anything to be mean (most of the time), but sometimes it is. Truth hurts, and all that.

Cruel: No.

Dishonest: Not so much. I lie, sure, but this ties right into the "Honest" one above.

Observant: Yes. I can spot a typo from half a room away.

Stubborn: Yes, about eating. Or music. Or TV. Or... ;)

Friendly: Yeah, I've been known to have a few friends in my time. I don't like not including people, so I try to be friendly to everyone - at least on the surface.

Kind: Maybe? How about: when the circumstances warrant it.

Compassionate: Not really. Though this one is also circumstantial - if you expect me to hold your hand because you FUBARed something, forget it. If someone died, yeah, there's a hug and a shoulder to cry on here for you.

Hard-working: Not at all. I do as little work as I can to succeed. It's gone pretty well so far. ;)

Lazy: WORD. Yes.

Outgoing: Not really. I tend to watch people more than be the bubbly one, at least until I know them - or I'm under the influence. ;)

And finally, how did you find us? I got squibbed elsewhere and was invited to join here by cattyhunts. I thought it looked interesting, so here I am.

Edited to add the extra special Because I am a MORON Section:

I forgot to come back and finish the first two questions, which I remembered only after I hit "Post." I'm including them here, so you don't toss me out on my ear - and because I don't have the text of my original post anymore. *smacks self on forehead*

Favorite character: Minerva McGonagall. I originally saw her as a kind of teacher - and professor - I'd love to have: she's strict, unerring and passionate about her subject; yet (up until OotP) she only briefly had the ability to relate to students and, for lack of a better word, compassion. When OotP came around, however, Minerva's character development increased exponentially, as did my love for her. Aside from having some of the best one-liners in the entire series ("Have a biscuit, Potter."), she became an actual mentor figure, willing and able to help her students and able to do so successfully. She's proven herself able to overcome adversity, shoulder distinctly heavy burdens and maintain her beliefs and desires. I only wish I had a figure like her in my own life. (Yes, this is long. I love her.)

Least favorite character: Umbridge. She is dirty, rotten, scummy and evil. And a hag. Since I based my favorite character on someone I'd like to have in my own life, I did the same for this one. Umbridge is the kind of ineffectual teacher I had more often than not in high school - the kind from whom I learned nothing. I hated having teachers like her, and because she so closely reflects people whom I loathe from my own experience, she is my least favorite character.


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fugitive from the law of gravityozbourne on May 24th, 2007 02:00 am (UTC)
Would've liked to know who your favourite and least favourite characters are, but yeah... I'm gonna go with Gryffindor for you.
Sara Queen of Nothing: BSG: Starbuckgramercy on May 24th, 2007 02:23 am (UTC)
Gryffindor. Like me!
And you have a JACK mood icon and you mention BSG so obviously you rock and must be a Gryffindor
rqvqeethqeth stupid bicht: Jen&Jackinnersmile_x on May 24th, 2007 02:40 am (UTC)
Lorelei's mute sister: CKRmerewiper on May 24th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)

Who doesn't get excited about BSG? XD
Me, myself and I: slytherin juliaascendingflame on May 24th, 2007 05:12 am (UTC)
Satchels of Gold: ClubHogwarts Gryffindor House Headcattyhunts on May 27th, 2007 05:37 am (UTC)
Juppygiove_dea on May 27th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)
club_mods on May 27th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)
You've been sorted into Gryffindor! Congratulations! :) You can now join the various Club Hogwarts communities - including your club house!

Also, and don't forget, as one of the first Club members - you're far cooler than others!