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10 May 2007 @ 05:08 pm
Yeah, but my application is better.  
The Basics

Name: Ruth

Age range (13-15, 16-19, 20-24, 25+): 16-19

Favourite character: Draco Malfoy. I know, I know a lot of people feel that many only like Draco because he is perceived as hot but, frankly, from canon he does not appear to be all that "hot" whatsoever. He is, according to JKR and Harry's biased POV, pale, pointy and scrawny. Not exactly the nicest looking bloke in the world, really. And in HBP this is only added upon by the fact that Harry notices how Draco is looking ill, tired and gaunt. I like him however because, while not always witty, some of his lines made me laugh out loud, he seems competitive and I like that, he's sarcastic and, in accordances with HBP, I think at heart he is a good bloke. If I was put in a position were I had to choose between killing someone or having my family killed, I hate to say it because people may think of me as lesser, but if there was no way I could avoid it I would do anything I could to protect my family. It was obvious from the scene on the Astronomy Tower and in the bathroom how worried Draco was and how he would not have went through with it. How can anyone think he is evil after that? Also, I was a fan of Draco's character before HBP. After all, we are all shaped by our experiences as a child and with parents like Lucius and Narcissa it is doubtful that Draco would have been the most appealing person in the world.

Least favourite character: Um, I know it says character but I have two apart from the obvious of Voldemort (although I personally think JKR went out of her way to make him a fascinating villain). When it comes down to it two people I cannot stand are Dumbledore and Hagrid. Now, I know people like Dumbledore and believe he wants to win the war and is truly for the Light and all that. The thing is I believe all this too. However the vibe I have got from the books are that Dumbledore is so invested in this war and wants so badly to win that he will, ultimately, sacrifice whoever to do so. After all he knew Draco was planning on killing him but let him go ahead with it? And, as revealed in fifth year, Dumbledore kept the prophecy from Harry for years. Now, Harry may have been able to forgive this but I cannot just look past it. What kind of a person keeps something so monumental from another human because of what he wants, what he thinks? It's barbaric and makes my blood boil even thinking about it. Another of my least favourite characters is Hagrid. As many have said before he is an oaf. In PS he couldn't keep his mouth shut even when it was important to do so, he would not say Voldemort's name nor could he spell it and, for pities sake, he is an alcoholic! And Dumbledore let him teach - he is an inept teacher who endangers his pupils. Jeez, that last sounded like a point against both but aw, well, comme ce, comme ca.

Favorite Non-Harry Potter related fandom: I don't really ship anything outside of Harry Potter fandom but one I dabble in occasionally is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was addicted to this program for a long time and do love to read some of the stories occasionally. Although, like the HP fandom, some of the stories can be rather... er, crap.

What is your pet peeve?: I know people will think I am cocky but talking to someone who does not have the same level of intelligence I do about a certain subject (not saying I'm smarter, just that I know more on that topic) and having them pretend to know it all and join in avidly when they have no idea what I am talking about and it shows. Also, I hate being lectured for my beliefs. They're mine - I respect your opinions, you respect mine. I will listen to you talk about your beliefs but stop making me try and believe them.

The Deeper Stuff

Five years from now you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. It can be cured by a single pill that costs $5,000 dollars and is not covered by insurance. How would you go about getting the medication? Take money from my bank account but, considering I will be in Uni at that point still, I will more than likely ask my parents to try and contribute some money. And, in Britain, it would be pounds so... um :P.

Your house is burning down - all people and pets are out safely. You are able to save one item. What is it and why? My memory stick. I save absolutely everything onto it and I mean everything. On there I have documents for school, original stories I've wrote, fanfic I've wrote and ones I plan to read. There are also a good many photos saved on it - some of which are off dead relatives. Some of things are irreplaceable and have sentimental value so I would definitely save it.

You find a wallet in a parking lot. It has $1,000 dollars cash in it and a driver's license. You look at the license and realize it belongs to a co-worker you speak to on a daily basis. What do you do? Debate with myself for a while whether to give it back personally or just drop it on his desk or whatnot. There isn't really any question about keeping it - just whether or not I want him to know it was me who returned it.

You've been given $100,000 dollars. If you can use it all within one hour you will be given one million dollars. What do you do? Buy myself a laptop and contact broadband provider about getting it... wasting some money on my phone as I go. Get a new mobile and a few new pairs of boots - my old ones are looking pretty patchy. I would run into a bookstore and load up on anything that looks interesting, buying plenty of pens, notebooks, pencils, artpads and files as I went. Also a few sweets because I cannot deny myself with all that money :P. Some clothes obviously, I would also likely buy myself an iPod and a few CDs and DVDs because I am nothing if not well rounded.

You see a famous person in the lobby of a busy movie theater and no one else has noticed him/her. What do you do? Leave them, unless it is someone I really admire which I doubt it would be as I tend to only admire authors. Famous people are people, they deserve to live their lives, and also they tend to be egotistical and arrogant and I would much rather not be involved in any ego trip they may be on.

You come upon a wishing well and toss a coin in to make a wish. Your wish is granted. What did you wish for? Strangely my wish would be incredibly sappy: to ensure my Mum lived the rest of her life happy. She deserves it after all I, and life, has put her through.

You're 70 years old and writing your autobiography. What is the title and why would people read it? A Rose In Bloom. This title would be my own sense of humour - my fandom name is Ebonie Rose and this kind of title would tickle my fancy. People wouldn't really read it unless they were willing to put up with my ramblings, my odd sense of humour and the fact that I tend to brush over the more sensational parts of my life and, doubtful though you may be, there are a few in my past. I have a wry outlook on life and tend to be both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time but one theme I would probably express throughout the thing was that we are always still growing and each experience only enriches us hence the title as well A Rose In Bloom. People with a similar outlook on life may read it.

You have been gifted with the chance to actually perform a magical spell. In front of you stands your greatest love, your worst enemy, and a pile of inanimate objects ready to be used in your spell. Which spell do you allow yourself to use and why have you chosen that spell? I would Transfigure a cage of some sort and convince my love to help me stuff my enemy in it. Of course the cage can only be opened by moi so it works for me!

You find a magic lamp, rub it, and out pops a Genie. You are given the chance to relive and change one experience in your past. What do you change (if any) and why? I wouldn't change anything because our experiences in life shape who we are as a person and I am immensely happy and comfortable with myself as a person.

Yes/No Questions
Mark each word with a yes or a no as it applies to you. Feel free to explain each answer (not mandatory)

Logical: Mostly yes. I try to think about decisions before I jump straight in but sometimes you have to rely on impulse and sometimes I do have good instincts.
Emotional: Not to the outside world, no. I don't like people to see my emotional moments and only cry when I am alone, only allow myself to feel weak when I am alone. However I am happy and everything else around others - I reckon it's just the darker emotions I hide.
Intelligent: Yes. Not being cocky here but I am first in my year group in school. I am young, I don't know everything and there are always going to be people out there smarter than by but I am wise beyond my years and I am intelligent.
Fair: Not really. I do try to be but I let my prejudices against people blind my judgements. It's not something I am proud of but it's there.
Witty: I like to believe this and have been told I am. I have a very dry wit though so some don't get it.
Creative: Yes. I write extensively, draw on occasion, my imagination is always being used and I like making up ideas and helping out with school projects such as promoting the school shop - I enjoy suggesting ideas for this kind of thing.
Cunning: Yes. I nearly always have a hidden agenda and my friend, once she found out what cunning meant, described me as being cunning.
Ambitious: Hell, yeah. I know there are many out there who claim to be ambitious or who generally are but I have been told I am quite scary with my single mindedness. I need to prove myself, I need to achieve my dreams and no one is gonna stop me is how I see it.
Brave: Not right of the hat but, when the situation calls for it, yes. I am not the first to step forward without thought but I do it anyway even if the list of cons is larger. I stepped out in front of rabid dogs so my friend (who is terrified of them) could run, I yelled at and hit a man who was much larger than me because he threatened a friend, I stood up for my friend in fights all the time, I go into forests when I am absolutely s**ting myself because I have to do it. I guess it is another way I prove myself, if only to me.
Loyal: Yes, apparently to a fault.
Honest: I try to be but, if it doesn't suit me, I won't be honest. Simple as that.
Trustworthy: Very. I can fall out with and hate a person all I want but if they've told me something as a secret I won't breathe a word of it, without their permission.
Impulsive: I can be. Especially when it comes along with an adrenalin rush.
Mean: Sadly, yes, sometimes. I can be very snippy and snarky and people do not like being on the wrong side of me. I don't try to be but apparently whenever I am not feeling well I can make people feel *this big* with words alone.
Cruel: No, I wouldn't really think so. I regard mean and cruel as two completely different things but I do not set out to be cruel. Apparently some of the mind games I play with others are considered cruel but I think they're entertaining.
Dishonest: No. Except of course, when it suits me but I try not to lie and just tell half truths or distort the truth instead.
Observant: At times, yes. Others, no. I notice people's reactions, their body language etc but am not so good when it comes to cleaning and the like.
Stubborn: Very. I will drag my heels in if I have too.
Friendly: Yes, I can be quite friendly as long as I think that the person is worth my time. I am chatty, bright, loud and I talk a mile a minute at times. I smile and laugh with everyone even those I don't like and I am not hostile but nor am I overly friendly. So, I think that would be a 'yeah' then?
Kind: I try to be and my friends say I am.
Compassionate: Yes. I will let people cry on my shoulder, I will sympathise, I will help them with their problems and I am known as the 'therapist' but I can be pushed too far and as my friend knows if she's being ridiculous and blaming things that are plainly her fault on others I will tell people where they can stick it.
Hard-working: Yes. Especially for things I want.
Lazy: Yes, as well. I sleep way too late most weekends. The drawbacks of being a student. Also, have you noticed how these answers are getting shorter? Laziness.
Outgoing: Once I've known you for at least a week? Definitely.
Current Music: Your Love Alone Is Not Enough - Manic Street Preachers
Lorelei's mute sistermerewiper on May 10th, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
Please put it behind an lj-cut.
Good. I like a whore with sentiment.: Big Pimpin'mypet_virus on May 10th, 2007 07:01 pm (UTC)
This was hard. I think your insight into your favorite and least favorite character[s] was interesting, even if I don't completely agree. None the less, it would have made me think Ravenclaw if not just because of the more analytical and attention to detail aspect. However, there was personal bias in it, which isn't as Ravenclaw. There were parts that seemed Gryffindor-y, despite having Draco as a favorite character [which is usually a sign of pushing] but the way you explained yourself made me put the idea of pushing aside, though other parts of your app seemed a bit slyther-pushy. You have very strong and heated opinions, backed by reasonings that are more subjective then analytical. You don't quite have the composure and subtlety of a snake, and though you speak about wanting a bookstore, I still don't see that much of you searching to attain knowledge just because you want to learn.

The end part of 'yes' or 'no' questions felt a tiny bit pushy to me, but that's probably because I just spent a good amount of time sorting people in my other sorting communities, and we had quite a few pushers, so I'm not going to bank on that for you.

I feel some Gryffindor as well as Ravenclaw vibes, but honestly I don't feel enough of one house to feel comfortable sorting you either place. However, my opinion will probably change and I will revote. But for now, due to mixed vibes and tentative feelings...I'm going to have to go with Squib. I wouldn't worry as others will probably not agree with me, and I will most likely change my vote, but for now that's the only thing I am comfortable with.

Satchels of Gold: ClubHogwarts Gryffindor House Headcattyhunts on May 10th, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)

And please put this behind an lj-cut. Thank you.
rqvqeethqeth stupid bicht: sleepyheads.(:innersmile_x on May 10th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)
Ravenclaw ?
Groupie: Slytherinhackergroupie on May 10th, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC)
This needs to be behind an LJ cut - thank you!

essie: hp: kitty girldear_prudence on May 11th, 2007 12:06 am (UTC)

Jazzymrsroyall on May 11th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)
Definitely Slytherin...so much it's scary, as a matter of fact!

Nuchtchas (Nutty, NIMLAS, however you know me): Huffelpuffnuchtchas on May 11th, 2007 05:16 am (UTC)
Slytherin, no question
Me, myself and I: open mindascendingflame on May 11th, 2007 01:17 pm (UTC)
You strike my as very Ravenclaw.

I know people will think I am cocky but talking to someone who does not have the same level of intelligence I do about a certain subject (not saying I'm smarter, just that I know more on that topic) and having them pretend to know it all and join in avidly when they have no idea what I am talking about and it shows.

What could be more Ravenclaw that that?? Also your creativeness and the way you always see both sides to something (like measuring your logic and intuition) is typically Ravenclaw-open-mindedness. And least of all the way you wrote: very logical, composed, even a bit wise...

I can see where the Slytherin votes are coming from: the yes/no bit did seem a bit pushy - I didn't see the Slytherin in the rest of your application, really. So Ravenclaw it is.

Julia // Slytherin
gammarayghost: war or discoladybast on May 13th, 2007 12:46 am (UTC)
Like others have said, you were a tough one to place. I'm torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but I'm leaning closer to the snake side of things so slytherin it is!

Juppygiove_dea on May 22nd, 2007 04:38 am (UTC)
I don't see the snake...I just see the push. I do however see the Ravenclaw!
club_mods on May 27th, 2007 06:17 am (UTC)
You've been sorted into Ravenclaw! Congratulations! :) You can now join the various Club Hogwarts communities - including your club house!

Also, and don't forget, as one of the first Club members - you're far cooler than others!

PS: As it was a tie, I went with what the Mods voted. If you wish to appeal you still have that option.